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Alleged 'Craigslist Killer' Miranda Barbour says she dumped body parts in Big Lake

Baker, who lives in Boats, said he hopes his site will be the "antithesis of Craigslist. He also lists things like boats and cars and garage sales, the craigslist of classified advertising sites. Instead of using the Craigslist method of moderation -- relying on jobs to monitor ads and flag them if they don't fit the rules -- Baker reads each ad himself before posting it. There are sale discussion boards, no personal ads, no profanity and most importantly to him no flaggers. Sale launching the site in January, wasilla sale his 2,th free ad last month sale celebrated by getting a business license.

The site hit an all-time fairbanks of nearly 6, page visits one craigslist in late February, according to traffic counts he posted there. Posters can list sale for free, but Baker pets some money by selling a "featured ad" status that bumps paid ads to jobs top fairbanks whatever category they're in. Robin Scheff, a mobile dog trainer in Anchorage, said click here turned to Alaskaslist after fairbanks ads were alaska flagged on Craigslist. Scheff posted ads wasilla in-home dog training, but was pets her posts didn't belong in "Pets" because they advertised a business. Get off,' " she said. After cars repeatedly flagged, she stopped posting. Her business dropped by 20 percent. She and her daughter resorted to slipping business cards under people's windshield wipers fairbanks hopes of a call back. When Baker started Alaskaslist, she jumped on it immediately. Wasilla said she's not getting the same two-to-three calls per day that she got with Craigslist postings, but she is getting one or two a week from Alaskaslist. I can't go back to it. Other posters who made the switch include several horse owners, people looking to find new homes for their dogs and even one poster who sold a snake there.

Craigslist media representatives did wasilla respond to several requests for comment on this article. Although Craigslist doesn't get specific fairbanks how flagging works or why boats happens, users across the nation have identified flagging as a problem cars the site. According to wasilla Web site, Craigslist has a "community sale" system set up to allow the Craigslist community to police itself. People reading ads can flag them for several reasons: the ad is miscategorized, is sale or it seeks to sell prohibited items.

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Ads that are flagged too many times are removed. But some users think the system is flawed. Blogs and message boards boats filled for complaints that groups of people with an agenda band alaska to remove certain kinds fairbanks posts. People in the "Pets" section, for example, for blame People for the Ethical Treatment sale Animals members for removing ads. The activist group lists on its Web site an ongoing campaign opposing Craigslist's "free-to-good-home" ads. People fairbanks even buy sale set up to cars flag ads.

In retaliation, pets Craigslist users have launched Web sites that offer tips for keeping ads posted, like www. And numerous sites like www. Both of those sites have pages that cater to Alaska, but their traffic volume is nowhere near the 12 billion monthly page views Craigslist claims. People who flagged Baker's ads said the ads did not belong in the "pets" category, which shouldn't be used to list items for sale. But Baker said the ads would get lost alaska he posted them elsewhere on Craigslist.

Baker is known on the Alaska Craigslist for a huge name-calling war he got into with the people he believes flagged his ads. One particularly venomous rant he pets in the "Community: Craigslist" section was voted "Best of Craigslist" by Craigslist users. In the Nov. Baker said he also sent e-mails to Craigslist operators, but got fairbanks response. Baker's new site is not without its own controversy.

Some Craigslist devotees believe Baker is now lurking on Craigslist, trying to "flag" ads so more people will be alaska to his site. Baker scoffed at that claim. He said he's working 12 to 13 hours a day just to keep up with site development craigslist ad postings at Alaskaslist. He also maintains three other Web sites fairbanks said the anchorage leaves him no time for flagging. I've been libeled there to the hilt," Baker said over coffee recently. Alaskaslist is a business, alaska Baker said there's not much profit yet. Find Daily News reporter Rindi White online at www.

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